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Visiting Perumdam Tirta Tarum Karawang, SECO Witnesses Achievements Resulted from the USAID-SECO Partnership Supports

On November 11, 2021, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) Indonesia entourage, accompanied by the USAID-SECO Partnership team, visited PERUMDAM Tirta Tarum Kabupaten Karawang to learn firsthand how the assistance provided by the Partnership has affected the PERUMDAM’s day-to-day operations and overall performance.

The representatives from SECO Indonesia, USAID-SECO Partnership, and the PERUMDAM also met with The Regent of Karawang, Ms. Cellica Nurrachadiana, and the Regional Secretary of Karawang District, Mr. Acep Jamhuri, to report various progress PERUMDAM Tirta Tarum has achieved since 2019.

Participating in the visit were the Deputy Head of Economic Cooperation and Development of SECO Indonesia, Ms. Andrea Zbinden; the National Program Officer of SECO Indonesia, Mr. Banu Sjadzali; the COP of USAID IUWASH PLUS; Mr. William J. Parente; the DCOP of USAID IUWASH PLUS, Ms. Alifah Lestari; the Program Coordinator of USAID-SECO Partnership Program, Mr. Hernadi Setiono; and the USAID-SECO Partnership team.

In this visit, the delegation met Karawang Regent, Cellica Nurrachadiana; the Regional Secretary of Karawang, Mr. Acep Jamhuri, the President Director of Perumdam Tirta Tarum, M. Sholeh, and staff. The discussed progress that the Perumdam have made after receiving supports from the USAID-SECO Partnership since 2019.

With the assistance from the USAID-SECO Partnership Program, the PERUMDAM has managed to reduce non-revenue water (NRW) by 8,05% and improve energy efficiency by 32.3% as of September 2021, surpassing the targets of 5% NRW reduction and 15% energy efficiency improvement from baseline levels. PERUMDAM Kabupaten Karawang estimated that the NRW reduction will allow the PERUMDAM to save more than IDR 333 million per year, while the EE improvement has enabled them to save more than IDR 192 million in monthly electricity bills.

The Regent of Karawang thanked USAID and SECO for their assistance and PERUMDAM Kabupaten Karawang for their comittment to improving Perumdam’s performance and services.

“We hope the programs supported by USAID-SECO Partnership will sustain in the PDAM and will always bring benefits,” the Regent hopes.

As part of the visit, SECO Indonesia delegation visited the equipment from USAID-SECO Partnership that Perumdam Karawang has installed and used.