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Cover Pelatihan Pengelolaan Air Minum dan Sanitasi yang Aman untuk Kelompok Kerja Masyarakat di Kabupaten Sidoarjo

Training on Safely Managed Water Supply and Sanitation for Community Working Group in Sidoarjo

From October 4 – 6, 2017, USAID IUWASH PLUS organized a training on Safely Managed Water Supply and Sanitation for the community working group in Sidoarjo District. This training was attended by 31 community members from Kelurahan Krian, Wunut and Kedungpandan Villages and 3 sanitarians from Puskesmas Jabon, Kedungsolo and Krian. The resource persons for this training were the representatives from Bappeda and the Offices of Housing and Settlements and Health.

In this training, Supaat Setia Hadi, the Head of Sanitation Section of Sidoarjo District Health Office explained the comparison between the quality of water collected by the community from the wells, that resulted from the laboratory test, with the quality of piped water supply provided by PDAM. This fact has raised community awareness on the importance of piped water supply and the piped water issues will be accommodated and followed up within the community working group activity.

During the training, the representatives from the three villages/kelurahan presented the results of the participatory assessment in their respective village/kelurahan and their plans to improve access to water supply and sanitation. The participants of the training also improved their knowledge of safely managed water supply and sanitation, including the technology options, how to recognize internal and external partners, encouraging creativity in conducting promotion at the household and community levels, as well as improving their knowledge of F Diagram (including the technology options for water supply management at household level and handwashing with soaps) and gender mainstreaming in all aspects of water supply and sanitation.

The participants acknowledged the benefit they received from this training and extended their appreciation for that. “By attending this training, now I have better knowledge of safely managed water supply and sanitation. This knowledge is really helpful for me in communicating this issue to other community members,” said Ibu Sri, a community member of Kelurahan Krian participated in the training.


Bapak Suratman, a community member of Wunut Village explaining the current water supply and sanitation challenges in his village (left). The training participants discussing the mapping of family member roles in conducting tasks related to water supply and sanitation at the household level (right).