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The Participatory Monev Teams in Magelang City Discuss WASH Access with the Vice Mayor

On October 2, 2019, the participatory monitoring and evaluation (monev) teams from four USAID IUWASH PLUS supported urban villages conducted the second cycle of stakeholder meeting in Magelang city. The four urban villages included Tidar Utara, Rejowinangun Utara, Panjang, and Gelangan.

Present in the event, which was called Tembang Tidar Bersemi Di Hati (Community Meeting to Promote WASH practices), were Magelang Vice Mayor, Windarti Agustina as well as the officials and staff of the city government.

In her opening speech, Magelang Vice Mayor, Windarti Agustina, explained that the city government aims to achieve 100 percent access to water, 0 percent slum areas, and 100 percent access to sanitation. This target is included in the 2016-2021 RPJMD.

Further, the Vice Mayor explained that Magelang City Government has engaged multi-stakeholders, such as companies and community, to achieve the 100-0-100 target.

“Although a program has good quality, it will not run as expected without community participation. And the 100-0-100 is no exception. Many efforts come from the community,” said Windarti Agustina as quoted from Magelangexpress.com (2019/10/03).

As a follow up on this meeting, Magelang city’s housing and settlement office is committed to use the 2020 DAK to build 21 SPALDS in four USAID IUWASH PLUS supported urban villages. The community will help assess how many houses can connect to this facility.