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The 2018 SPALDS Care-Taker Groups in Rejowinangun Selatan Urban Village, Magelang City Established and Inaugurated

The Housing and Settlement Areas Office (Dinas PKP) of Magelang city, with supports from USAID IUWASH PLUS, established and inaugurated the SPALDS care-taker groups built by the Dinas PKP in 2018 in RW 5, 13, and 15 in Rejowinangun Selatan urban village, Magelang city.

This activity was conducted during a community meeting held at Rejowinangun Selatan urban village hall in Magelang city on April 29, 2019.

During the community meeting, three care-taker groups were established and inaugurated, namely KPP Bersatu Padu in RW 5, KPP Hardjodipuan Bersih in RW 13, and KPP Singosari Bersih in RW 15. These KPPs are responsible for the SPALDS maintenance and operation.

The activity continued with each care taker-group presenting their action plan. For instance, KPP Hardjodipuran in RW 13 will conduct a regular meeting on the 28th of every month. The KPP and beneficiaries in RW 13 also agree to pay Rp7,000/month for the SPALDS maintenance.

Besides KPP Hardjodipuran, the Coordinator of KPP Bersatu Padu, Nanik Hartati, observed that since the SPALDS were built in her area, the community members no longer dispose domestic wastewater to gutter directly so that the environment becomes cleaner and does not produce unpleasant odor.

“I hope in the future the government will prepare desludging service which is accessible by the community living in kampong because my area is located in narrow street, far from the main road,” said Nanik Hartati.

Around 45 people, which include the SPALDS beneficiaries, the Head of Rejowinangun Selatan Urban Village, the PKP Office, non-government organization, community leaders in RW 5, 13, and 15, and USAID IUWASH PLUS participated in the event.

The establishment and inauguration of the SPALDS KPP care-taker groups was a follow up on the SPALDS operation and maintenance training which USAID IUWASH PLUS held on March 20-29. The training, itself, aimed to increase the beneficiaries and the community’s capacity in sustaining the SPALDS, including discussing the care-taker group establishment.

In 2018, Dinas PKP of Magelang city built 14 SPALDS in RW 5, 13, and 15 in Rejowinangun Selatan urban village using the Special Allocation Budget. Those SPALDS have capacity of five house connections each.