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Ternate City Government Appreciates CSR Partnership for Infiltration Ponds Construction

Ternate city government highly appreciates the companies’ supports for the city government, which was delivered through the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) partnership, to build infiltration ponds in Ake Gaale spring catchment delineation areas.

Bambang Maradjabessy, the Chairperson of CSR working group for water supply and sanitation sector, made this statement in the CSR Forum dinner meeting held at Royal Restaurant, Ternate city on November 22, 2018.

The infiltration ponds construction in Ake Gaale spring catchment delineation areas is a recommendation from USAID IUWASH PLUS through its KKMA (Spring Vulnerability Assessment and Action Plan) to restore the spring water debit and quality.

Ake Gaale spring is the main raw water source for PDAM Ternate. In the last few years, Ake Gaale water debit decreases and the water turns brackish due to saltwater intrusion. This situation forces PDAM Ternate to reduce its production.

Bambang, who also works as the Head of Infrastructure and Facility Division of the Public Works and Spatial Planning office of Ternate city, explained that Ternate city government, with supports from USAID IUWASH PLUS, has established CSR partnership with a number of firms since November 2017 to build the infiltration ponds in Ake Gaale spring catchment delineation areas.

“Currently, there are 86 infiltration ponds built through the CSR partnership with Bank Indonesia, BPBD, BMPD, BPRS Bahari Berkesan, and PT Laniege. This number is actually still far from Ternate city government’s target to build. 1,000 infiltration ponds,” said Bambang.

Nonetheless, some community members reported few improvements in Ake Gaale’s retention ponds after the infiltration ponds were constructed.

“Since the infiltration ponds were constructed, Ake Gaale’s retention pond in Sangaji village, which used to be dry, now has water. Furthermore, some fish also live in the pond now,” said Alwan, the Chairperson of Save Ake Gaale.

“This meeting apprises us about the potential water crisis in Ternate, and benefits of the infiltration ponds to address this issue. Therefore, we will build 300 infiltration ponds [with value of more than Rp1 billion] using the 2019 APBD (Local Government Budget),” said the Head of Bappeda (Regional Development Planning Agency) of Ternate city, Said Assegaf.

PT PLN is also eager to support the construction of 100 infiltration ponds. In addition, PT Pelindo, and Bank Syariah Mandiri will also support the infiltration ponds construction.

Twenty-one participants, including the Secretary II of Ternate City, Bappeda, companies’ representatives, and community leaders participated in the CSR forum dinner meeting.