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Sharing Experiences on the CSR Partnership for the Programs of Infiltration Ponds in Ternate and Master Meter in Surabaya

USAID IUWASH PLUS and PT Laneige shared their experiences in establishing a partnership for infiltration ponds program in Ternate and master meter program in Surabaya during the 40th partnership forum held by CCPHI, SPEAK, PT Laneige, with supports from USAID IUWASH PLUS, on March 14, 2019 in Jakarta.

The 40th partnership forum brought the theme of ‘Towards Universal Access to Safe Water’.

Around 60 people, which include the representatives from private firms, philanthropy organizations, and development agency participated in the discussion.

During the discussion, the participants learned that poor water quality will affect the quality of people and later will give impact on the companies’ performance. They also learned about a number of CSR partnerships for WASH sector that USAID IUWASH PLUS has successfully facilitated.

The partnerships include a partnership of PT Laneige, Bappeda of Ternate city, and some other local and national business entities for infiltration ponds program, and a partnership between PT Laneige and PDAM Surya Sembada for master meter program in Surabaya.

Further, the participants also gained insights from PT Laneige on their experiences and lessons learned in the CSR partnership for WASH programs. PT Laneige shared that the keys to the success of a partnership are the company’s sufficient capacity to implement the partnership and reliable partners.

All participants highly appreciated the discussion and they were keen on learning more about the CSR partnership that USAID IUWASH PLUS supports. This event inspired the participants to establish a partnership to support WASH development.

“Multi-stakeholder cooperation could bring large impact and benefits for community,” said Charles Ham a representative from Hope Worldwide Indonesia.

Partnership Forum is a 3-monthly discussion event held by CCPHI—a non-profit organization promoting and facilitating partnerships among firms, NGOs, and local government to achieve healthy and sustainable community.

The partnership forum allows its members, which consist of the private firms, NGOs, and development agencies, to share experiences related to the partnership.