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PDAM Tirtauli Gets Ready to Implement Non Water Revenue Reduction Program

PDAM Tirtauli is ready to implement Non Revenue Water (NRW) reduction program optimally. The Executive Director of PDAM Tirtauli, Zulkifli Lubis shared this statement with USAID IUWASH PLUS and PT. Agrapana Amarta Renergy during the Kick Off Meeting and  Introduction to Capacity Building Program for NRW program in PDAM Tirtauli on April 8, 2020.

This online meeting also marked that the NRW program in PDAM Tirtauli has officially started. The NRW reduction program is expected to help the PDAM to reduce its current NRW rate (around 29.8 percent) by four to five percent in the next five years.

Implementation of the NRW reduction in PDAM Tirtauli, including the capacity building program, will be supported by USAID IUWASH PLUS through PT. Agrapana Amarta Renergi—a consultant specializing in wastewater and renewable energy.

During the online meeting, PDAM Tirtauli, USAID IUWASH PLUS, and PT. Agrapana Amarta Renergi discussed methods for the capacity building implementation as well as preparation for the NRW reduction program. The preparation required include formation of the PDAM’s NRW team along with its supporting regulation, methods for basic training delivery, and discussion on the DED for the production primary meter.

The meeting resulted in action plans, which include (1) the development for the DED for the specification, procurement and installation of the production primary meter and budget identification will be prioritized during the COVID-19 quarantine period; (2) discussions on the DED and initial basic training for the PDAM’s NRW team and other staff to be carried out through an online platform; (3) the formation of PDAM’s NRW team consisting of ten people from various divisions and the issuance of a decision letter to support the team’s works; and (4) the preparation of online platform for training and DED discussion.

This online meeting receives appreciation from the Executive Director of PDAM Tirtauli, Zulkifli Lubis. “Thanks to USAID IUWASH PLUS for finding a way to implement NRW reduction program in PDAM Tirtauli despite all limitations due to Covid-19 crisis,” he said.

Besides PDAM Tirtauli, USAID IUWASH PLUS through PT. Agrapana Amarta Renergi also helps PDAMs in Tebing Tinggi city, Gresik district, Probolinggo city, and Barru district to implement the NRW reduction program.