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USAID IUWASH Tangguh E-Newsletter 2nd Edition, June 2023

USAID IUWASH Tangguh 2nd Edition E-Newsletter, June 2023

A Word from USAID IUWASH Tangguh

Just Like a Puzzle!

You might be wondering why we used a puzzle for this edition’s cover. A puzzle reminds us of the complexity involved in efforts to provide universal access to climate-resilient, safely managed drinking water and sanitation. Each piece in a puzzle represents challenges and gaps that require solutions with different strategies and resources from various stakeholders. Hence, it is critical for all key stakeholders, including government agencies, the private sector, academics, donors, and communities, to work hand in hand to tackle issues in water and sanitation.

Highlighting the importance of a multi-stakeholder partnership, our second edition e-newsletter showcases the benefits of such collaboration to close gaps in water and sanitation access. The story from East Java provides valuable insights into the partnership of Surabaya water utility and PT SMI to explore investment in infrastructure development. The story from Central Java gives insights from the point of view of a beneficiary in Magelang city on how a sanitation grant from a private sector helped her improve her life. From West Kalimantan, we feature a multi-stakeholder partnership in Pontianak city to  promote  urban grant water as one of the national government’s schemes to provide piped water services to low-income communities.

Additionally, we include testimonies from the national government, USAID, the private sector, and a community member on the importance of multi-stakeholder partnership in advancing water and sanitation sectors. We also invite you to watch YouTube short videos from our partner and beneficiary in East Java and Central Java.

We hope that these stories inspire and encourage you to work hand in hand in the fight to provide access to climate-resilient, safely managed drinking water and sanitation for all.

Happy reading!




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