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FGD on the Risk Management of PDAM Sragen’s Business Plan

USAID IUWASH PLUS conducted a focal group discussion (FGD) on the risk management for PDAM Sragen’s business plan on August 21, 2019 in Surakarta city, Central Java. The Executive Director of PDAM Sragen and staff, and the representatives from Semarang State University and USAID IUWASH PLUS were in attendance.

The FGD supported the PDAM in developing the 2020-2024 business plan, in which the PDAM aims to make 13,000 new house connections. Currently, PDAM Sragen is serving more than 65,000 customers.

The FGD is also among the seven prerequisite steps in the business plan development process as stated in the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation No 118 of 2018. Those seven steps include discussion on the vision and mission, SWOT analysis, FGDs on water needs projection, risk management, program and investment, financial projection, and workshop on the business plan with the relevant stakeholders.

During this FGD, the participants identified the potential risks that might occur during the business plan period, such as financial, technical operation, administration, and force majeure risks.

“The FGD is important because risk management is a new topic in the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation No 118 year 2018. Thus, in depth discussion on this issue is required,” said Supardi, the Executive Director of PDAM Sragen.

As a follow up, PDAM Sragen will further discuss the risks, their impacts, and mitigation plans in more detail during the FGD on Program and Investment in September.