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Annual Workplan (RKT) Signing in West Java and South Sulawesi

USAID IUWASH Tangguh program organized the 2020–2023 annual workplans (rencana kerja tahunan) signing ceremonies with the provincial government of West Java on October 25th and with South Sulawesi government on October 27th, 2022. 

Representatives from USAID IUWASH Tangguh’s assisted provincial and municipality governments, USAID Indonesia, and the program team joined in person. The Director of Housing and Settlement of Bappenas, Mrs. Tri Dewi Virgiyanti (only joined the event in West Java), representatives of Bappenas, and Ministry of public Works and Housing joined online. In South Sulawesi, the Deputy Director of Environment Office of USAID Indonesia, Mr. Mark Newton, was also in attendance to witness the RKT signing. While in West Java the Urban Environment Officer of USAID Indonesia, Mr. Ryan Weddle joined.

The Head of Regional Planning, Research, and Development of South Sulawesi province, Mr. A. Darmawan Bintang, hopes that through the RKT, USAID IUWASH Tangguh’s program is synergized with the local governments’ to accelerate the increase of safely managed drinking water and sanitation. 

The Deputy Director of Environment Office of USAID Indonesia, Mark Newton, also shared similar expectations when attending the RKT signing in South Sulawesi.

Mark Newton explained, “the RKT is the realization of the commitment of USAID Indonesia and the Government of Indonesia to attain higher targets, safely managed drinking water and sanitation.”

“We hope the cooperation among USAID, the governments of South Sulawesi province and municipalities in the province, and other development partners in water and sanitation will bring tremendous benefits to all  stakeholders in South Sulawesi,” he added.

In these events, representatives from USAID IUWASH Tangguh’s partner municipalities presented the current WASH and WRM situations, challenges, and actions to be implemented with support from the program during 2022–2023. For instance, Depok city government plans to engage the private sector in  providing desludging services. It will also expand the piping network of SPAM in urban areas. In Bogor district,  USAID IUWASH Tangguh will support the financial planning and analysis of local governments, PDAMs, and UPTD SPALD (domestic wastewater operator).  

In South Sulawesi, the plan for building a septage treatment plant in Gowa district has been included in the district’s 2021–2026 Regional Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD). USAID IUWASH Tangguh will support Maros district government to develop a regulation on the establishment of domestic wastewater management operator. Similarly, the program will also support Takalar district government to develop domestic wastewater regulation. 

Following the discussion, the representatives from the regional planning agencies at municipality level signed the RKT witnessed by the provincial government officials, USAID Indonesia, and USAID IUWASH Tangguh’s Chief of Party, Mrs. Alifah Lestari. The signed RKTs become a reference for USAID IUWASH Tangguh and local governments to implement WASH and water resource management (WRM) programs in the next year.

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