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Health Insurance Provider for DAI Projects (July 2024 – July 2025)

Issue Date : March 12, 2024 

Title: Health Insurance Provider for DAI Projects (July 2024 – July 2025)

 Issuing Office & Email/Physical Address for Submission of Proposals:
USAID IUWASH Tangguh Jakarta
Mayapada Tower 1 Building, 10th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 28, Setiabudi
Jakarta 12920
Phone Nr. : 021-5220540

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals: March 26, 2024 – Close of Business (CoB)

Soft copy Proposal to : Tangguh_Proc_inbox@dai.com
Point of Contact: Tangguh_procurement@dai.com

Anticipated Award Type: Fixed Price Purchase Order
Basis for Award:
An award will be made based on the Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable. The award will be issued to the responsible Offeror submitting the lowest evaluated price that meets or exceeds the acceptability requirements for technical/non-cost factors described in this RFP

USAID Indonesia Urban Resilient Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (USAID IUWASH Tangguh) is a five-year Activity to advance Indonesia’s development goals in increasing access to safely managed drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in vulnerable urban areas and strengthening climate-resilient WASH services and water resources management. In close partnership with the Government of Indonesia (GOI), USAID IUWASH Tangguh supports Indonesia’s work to achieve their Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets to ensure access to water and sanitation for all (SDG 6) and to make cities and settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable (SDG 11).

Using an Integrated Resilient IUWASH Systems (IRIS) approach—which aligns actions and incentives between upstream and downstream actors, while crowding in collaboration with key stakeholders through partnerships that accelerate the enabling environment and key enabling factors, such as finance and data—the USAID IUWASH Tangguh team will provide technical assistance to GOI, private sector and civil society stakeholders to achieve four objectives: 1) Strengthened WASH and WRM Sector Governance and Financing; 2) Increased Access to Poor-Inclusive, Climate-Resilient, Safely Managed Drinking Water and Sanitation Services; 3) Improved Water Resources Management to Support Resilient Drinking Water Services; and 4) Increased Adoption of Behaviors and Improved Women’s Participation and Leadership Roles that Contribute to Improvements of WASH and WRM.

DAI has worked in over 149 countries. Current Programs are located in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union. DAI maintains four regional offices and an extensive network of international affiliates and representatives.

In Indonesia, DAI’s work is generally organized under specific agreement that have been awarded to the Company. In most cases, these agreements are held and managed by DAI’s headquarters in the US, with operations in Indonesia solely focused on the implementation of specific contract activities.

In support of program implementation, DAI invites qualified offerors to submit proposals to supply and deliver a health insurance services package for period of July 2024 – July 2025

Detail Scope of Work & Technical Requirement, please see in separate file

The local implementer will be selected based on Full & Open Competition.

 Proposed Mechanism

 Proposed mechanism of the activity will be implemented through Fixed Price Purchase Order.


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